Cedar Grove Church - B.R.I.D.G. E.ing People to Christ-likeness

October 23, 2017 Vision Team Minutes

Members present were Bill Moore, Angie Wise, Pastor Tony, Tracy Frech, Chuck Willcox

Pastor opened with devotional entitled Missional or Attractional? Hope to work on being more attractional for the upcoming year.

Approved minutes of September, 2017 meeting.

Angie Wise reported that E-giving was being used and will continue to use bulletin to provide information to those choosing to use the new service. Investment had increased by 10,305.93 since investment. With Capital and Farm funds being in good shape discussed that trustees should establish a plan for future spending.

Pastor Tony was to check on cost of replacing signs at end of Love Road, total cost to replace all four signs would be $3,808.95. $1300.00 is in the sign fund and 2500.00 in the memorial fund.

Chuck Willcox was asked to help Pastor Tony use Capital Funds to purchase new computer and told to use FLC Funds to purchase sound for FLC, projected cost of 1500.00

Piano in sanctuary to be tuned on Monday.

Worked on budget will finalize at November meeting.

Thanksgiving Dinner sign up is filling up for Thanksgiving Lunch on November 5th.

Hanging of the Greens will be November 26th.

Next meeting will be Thursday, November 16, 2017. Pastor closed with prayer.

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