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November 16, 2017 Vision Team Minutes

Members present were Bill Moore, Angie Wise, Pastor Tony, Tracy Frech, Chuck Willcox
Pastor opened with scripture reading Isiah 64: 8 and prayer.
Approved minutes October, 2017 meeting. Stated minutes for the meetings now available on the Church’s webpage.
Angie Wise reported that E-giving was being used and will continue to use bulletin to provide information to those choosing to use the new service and will send E-giving flyers in year ending financial letters. The team decided to evaluate E-giving benefits and costs following a full year of use.
Chuck Willcox reported two bids for FLC sound system and team decided to go with Bach to Rock bid of 2300.00 to be paid by FLC Fund. Chuck provided team with article entitled 10 ways to make your church safer. Will contact insurance provider to make sure we are doing everything needed to provide for members safety. One suggestion was after service starts to leave only one entrance unlocked. Team will consider this as an option to be put in place starting in the new year. Tony asked that Chuck meet with other trustees to decide what option concerning new road signs for the church they suggest so an order could be placed. Money available in church sign account and Memorial Fund to pay for signs. Tom Moore is moving forward on landscaping the entry area to the church and will ask if he has estimated cost for completion.
Pastor Tony provided upcoming dates for Christmas Season:
- No date yet established for Senior Citizen’s Outreach
- Hanging of the Greens will be November 26th at 6:30. Cindy Young will provide treats!
- December 10th will be Pastor Tony’s Open House.
- Live Nativity will be from 2:00 to 4:00 December 17th at Harrison Street Baptist Church.
- Children’s Play will be December 20th with Kelly Steele providing cupcakes again!
Reported that Thanksgiving Dinner was well attended and suggestions were written down to make it even more successful next year.
Budget was finalized and Angie to provide printout of the budget via email. Update meeting scheduled following service December 10th to present budget to church for approval.
Next meeting will be Tuesday, January 9, 2018. Pastor closed with prayer.
Any questions or suggestions please contact any member of the Vision Team.

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