Cedar Grove Church - B.R.I.D.G. E.ing People to Christ-likeness
Craig & Mallorie Dill: 937-997-2032
Tony & Geneva Price: 937-733-7615

CGC Youth Winter/Spring Schedule
We will do our best to stick to this schedule…
Please note that activities and time can change.
Thanks – The Dills & Prices

April 20, 2019
Plan to come (around 9 AM) to help with the Annual Easter Egg Hunt and then help to set up the FCL for the Easter Breakfast

April 28, 2019
It our turn to lead the worship service at The Brethren Retirement Center.  We will leave after church for Domino's Pizza, spend some time at the Greenville Park and then share with the residents.  The service will be over around 3:15.

May 5, 2019
Chicken & Noodle Lunch Fundraiser

May 19, 2019
Scavenger Hunt around New Madison.  Meet in the Doctor's office parking lot at 1:00 PM. We will return to the parking lot after ice cream at 3:30 PM


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